Business Spotlight: Shultz Career Consulting

Job hunting can be an intimidating process, but the professionals at Shultz Career Consulting are here to help. Founder Elizabeth Shultz, a certified professional resume writer with a master’s degree in counseling, has more than 15 years of experience working in career counseling, both in the government and the private sector.

Who we are

Since opening in April 2018, Shultz has assembled a team of four career coaches, dedicated to providing the best service possible to job seekers.

“We take a holistic approach,” Shultz says. “When working with clients, we take into account their whole life story: where they live, their family, hobbies, interests, hopes, and dreams. We feel your career is central to your self-identity.”

Shultz recognizes that a large part of a person’s happiness stems from being happy in their work and not necessarily the size of the paycheck they’re receiving.

“I believe you can get up, go to work, and love what you do,” she says.

Career Counseling Services

Shultz and her team offer career counseling services that also include resume writing, interview rehearsals, career assessments, and vocational evaluations. The assessments help clients decide on the right path for them, providing real labor market data to gauge the long-term feasibility of a certain career. They also offer a high school transition program, consisting of 1:1 coaching and a workshop series, to prepare students for life after college.

Clients include individuals of all ages, including high school students, deciding what to major in at college, to retired senior citizens looking to find a way to contribute to the job market, and everyone in between.

“I’ve worked with high-earners, executive-level folks who are looking for more career satisfaction, so we help them to shift gears while still continuing at their desired income level,” Shultz says.

Their office also has extensive experience working with individuals with Asperger syndrome and other emotional, mental, learning, or physical barriers to employment. They can even help qualified individuals navigate state and federal government assistance, so there is not out of pocket cost, and they offer a sliding scale of payment across the board. Shultz believes career counseling services should be accessible to everyone.

Shultz finds personal fulfillment and enjoyment in helping others find jobs that suit them and also sees the benefit of the bigger picture.

“If you have people in the right jobs, and they’re happy and productive, on a larger scale that improves your community,” she says.

Additionally, Shultz provides expert witness testimony in Social Security, Personal Injury, Workman’s Comp, and Veteran’s disability cases.