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Outplacement Services

Shultz Career Consulting has built its reputation over time to provide results with compassion. When an employer has to make a difficult decision to eliminate roles but the company wants to help those workers move into new positions, outplacement services can be an excellent option.

By utilizing our outplacement services, we can help employees who have been laid off or their roles terminated and help them in their next steps by providing interview coaching, help with writing and polishing a resume, meeting people and career networking, and finding open positions for which they are well qualified.

For companies looking to help displaced employees with landing a new role, Shultz Career Consulting aims to be your best option for outplacement services. We can help place your outgoing workers in new opportunities while also ensuring that the reputation and brand of your company or business does not suffer.

The team at Shultz Career is capable of working with companies in Louisville and beyond. Count on us to provide you outplacement services that will help you maintain healthy relationships, reduce your unemployment costs, provide you protection from liability, increase the productivity of your current employees and help you build a stronger brand. See below for pricing options on the outplacement services offered by Shultz Career Consulting and what our tailor-made packages include.

Outplacement Services Pricing

Basic Package – $500 associate
Resume workshop (120 mins), Resume Review (90 mins), Interview Workshop (60 mins), 2 Interview Coaching sessions (60 mins)

Package 2 – $750 per associate
1:1 Resume coaching (90 mins), Resume Workshop (120 mins), Resume Review, 1 Interview Workshop (90 mins), 2 Interview Coaching sessions w/notes (60 mins) plus SM review

Package 3- $900 per associate
1:1 Resume Coaching (90 mins), Resume Workshop (120 mins), Resume Review, 1 Interview Workshop (90 mins), 2 Interview Coaching (60 mins), Interview Dress Rehearsal (60 mins), plus SM Review & LinkedIn Coaching (90 mins)

***All packages include written feedback, copies of PowerPoints (if applicable), templates, and handouts.

***For in person workshops there is a $100 travel fee. Additional in-person services can be arranged to accommodate a lack of access to technology or any barriers created by disability-related limitations.