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professional resume writer

Working with a professional career consultant, you can craft your resume to fit your skillset and your career goals. We aim to help potential employers see your true value. In a busy HR setting, a hiring manager will make a decision on whether to contact you in seconds. 

It is our priority to ensure that you stand out from the crowd. Get in touch to learn more about our options and pricing for resume writing.

Rely on the Professionals with Shultz Career to Perfectly Polish Your Résumé

Frequently Asked Questions About Resume Writing

The cost of having your resume written professionally should be offset by the value of maximizing your chances at optimal employment opportunities. We work with clients of all walks of life, and we aim to make our services as inclusive as possible for anyone and everyone we can help.

Another way to phrase this question is to ask if it is worth investing in yourself. Your next job opportunity could be the difference maker in establishing your future career path. Whether you are an executive-level expert or you are seeking your first role out of college, the difference between opening a door with a professionally written resume or being left in the pile could mean thousands of dollars over the life of your career.

The most important part of a resume is to ensure that your skills that best match the needs of a career opportunity. We work to balance the need to showcase all of your experience while making the most vital aspects shine brightly. That said, apart from the most technical and experienced type of resumes, it should span no more than a couple of pages.

If you are asking, then you might as well go with a pro. Never lie or pad a resume with exaggerations and embellishments. You do not want spelling or grammatical mistakes. Do not overshare about your personal life, and some personal details such as your age should not be included. Skip the headache and leave the tough stuff to us. Get in touch today to see how a professionally written resume can greatly improve your job outlook.