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Keep up with career events in the Louisville area.
Shultz Career Consulting regularly hosts career workshops and events to sharpen your skills and enhance your opportunities.
Click on the events below or contact us to learn more about how we model each of our events to best fit those who are attending them.

About Shultz Career Consulting

At Shultz Career Consulting we provide the full range of career services. We offer 1:1 personalized career counseling sessions providing guidance to develop unique goals for each client. Our career assessments are excellent navigational tools for everyone. Perspective college students will learn about new and emerging fields, earning potential, and how to mitigate the costs associated with higher education. Mid-career professionals will uncover transferrable skills and how to market themselves for a career change. Retirees will identify new interests and learn how to apply them to the job market. Our career counselors forensic vocational assessment. A forensic vocational assessment is a specialized assessment designed to answer questions in legal matters related to employment. Our professional resumes give our clients a competitive edge and are the perfect showcase to gain the attention of HR professionals and hiring managers.